Publication when public policy makes specimens unavailable

Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Fri Jun 8 13:32:11 CDT 2001

I agree with Amelie, that the first objective should be to keep things
pleasant and friendly.  Possibly talk - or have a local scientist do so if
more convenient - meet with the local official and explain the problem - and
raise the possibility of a 'long term loan' to some institution that would
care for the fossils.  It might (reasonably) have to be one within the
state, but the county would be able to stick to its principles while
supporting responsible research.  It the depository agreed on is not near
the author of the article, perhaps a loan could be arranged?  Incidentally,
was permission obtained for making the collections in the first place - and
what did it state about their final destination?

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