help needed from U.S. collegue

Petra DE BLOCK petra.deblock at BR.FGOV.BE
Mon Jun 18 09:33:32 CDT 2001

A few days ago John Nelson posted a message on Taxacom requesting
identification for a plant depicted in the NY Times of Sunday, 10 Jun.
It is a picture of a street vendor in Bangladesh selling flowering
branches of a plant called the Kadam tree. The tree turned out to be
Neolamarckia chinensis, a Rubiaceae.
Here in the National Botanic Garden of Belgium (BR, Meise), a team of
specialists works on the systematics of the Rubiaceae family. We also
try to gather all bibliographical references to members of this family.
We therefore would love to have a copy of the picture (and text) printed
in the NY Times of Jun. 10. Is there a U.S. collegue who can help us
with this?
Many thanks in advance.

Dr. Petra De Block

National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Domein van Bouchout
B-1860 Meise
Phone: +32-(0)2-269.39.05 ---------- Fax: +32-(0)2-270.15.67

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