Id possible Cleome sp.

Jan Haldeman haldeman at ERSKINE.EDU
Thu Jun 21 11:19:22 CDT 2001

Could someone help with identification of a plant  growing vigorously in
one of our campus planters. Growth habit is decumbent,Stems are
branching and spreading and about 0.5 meters long, Leaves trifoliate and
exstipulate, largest ones 11 cm including petiole ( 5.5 cm ),flowers
with 4 sepals, 4 lavender petals, 6 stamen and a long capsule (6 cm)
chock full of seeds. Possibly seeded from mulch, and possibly
Capparaceae, Cleome sp.?
Can email pictures to anyone who thinks they can help with ID.
Jan Haldeman,Dept of Biology Due West, SC 29639

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