UBC Herbarium searchable online

Dave Carmean carmean at SFU.CA
Mon Jun 25 09:44:33 CDT 2001

The University of British Columbia Herbarium is the third largest in
Canada and worldwide in scope. Complete label data (mostly unedited)
from about 65% of our 560,000 accessioned specimens is now
searchable at http://herbarium.botany.ubc.ca

We believe this is one of the larger and most complete herbarium data
sets available online:
Vascular Plant Database (>120,000 records online, 30MB text)
Bryophyte Database (>130,000 records online, 30MB text)
Fungal Database (>13,000 records, 2.2MB)
Lichen Database (>35,000 records, 8.1MB)

The UBC Herbarium is part of the Department of Botany
http://www.botany.ubc.ca/ and the Director is Dr. Fred Ganders.  The
vascular plant collection contains over 217,000 specimens (Curator,
Dr. Helen Kennedy).  Due primarily to the collections of Dr. W. B.
Schofield, the bryophyte collection is one of the largest in North
America, with about 227,000 specimens (Curator, Dr. Wilf Schofield).
The algae collection, of over 67,000 specimens, includes the world's
largest collections of Alaskan and British Columbian seaweeds,
largely due to the efforts of Dr. R. F. Scagel and his many students
and colleagues (Curator, Dr. Michael Hawkes).  The lichen collection
includes more than 36,000 specimens (Curator, Mr. Trevor Goward) and
the fungi collection more than 14,000 specimens (Curator, Dr. Mary

The databases are served by Filemaker Pro using an iMac computer.

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