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Mon Jun 25 14:46:00 CDT 2001

New funding opportunity from U.S. National Science Foundation...

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> From: Yellen, John
> Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 2:08 PM
> To:   Zimmerman, Herman B; Kelz, Russell C; Lane, Harold; Courtney, Mark
> W; Lyons, Elizabeth E; Scheiner, Samuel M; Williams, Kimberlyn; Hayes,
> Jack P.; Vessey, Stephen H.; Sullivan, Kenneth P; Rodman, James E;
> Spengler, Sylvia J.
> Subject:      Human Origins
> Dear Program Officers,
>       We paste below an announcement which we are distributing among our
> research community. We wish both to inform you of this new funding
> opportunity and encourage you to forward the information to potential
> applicants.
>                         Mark and John
> We wish to call your attention to a new NSF competition "Human Origins:
> Moving in New Directions"(HOMINID NSF01-120) which provides large
> multi-year awards to pursue human origins related research. "Human
> origins" is defined broadly to include relevant research in physical
> anthropology, archaeology, genetics, earth and biological science and
> related fields. Multidisciplinary approaches are encouraged. Both research
> and relevant infrastructure (e.g. laboratories, data bases) will be
> considered. A modal award will be $500,000 per year for five years.
> The first deadline for this annual competition is February 4, 2002 and we
> expect to make 2 -4 awards, dependent on availability of funds.
> Potential applicants are encouraged to consult the competition
> announcement for details. It may be accessed directly at
> http://www.nsf.gov/cgi-bin/getpub?nsf01120 or through the NSF web site.
> (www.nsf.gov). On the introductory page  click on "Social, Behavioral,
> Economic Science" and then on "Human Origins." Please feel free to contact
> either Mark Weiss (mweiss at nsf.gov ; 703-292-7321) or John Yellen
> (jyellen at nsf.gov ; 703-292-8759).
>                                              Mark Weiss
>                                              Program Director, Physical
> Anthropology
>                                              John Yellen
>                                              Program Director, Archaeology

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