parsing taxonomic rank

Susannah Lydon susannah at CS.MAN.AC.UK
Tue Jun 26 10:19:22 CDT 2001

On 25 Jun 2001, at 14:54, Una Smith wrote:

> Not based only on content, anyway.  Parsing on context, with learning,
> might go farther.  There is a woman in a university CS department in
> England who is working on problems like this.  Her name escapes me at
> the moment...

We are currently working on the MultiFlora project (information
extraction from multiple floras) here at Manchester University. We're
using  "general purpose" language engineering software called
GATE, developed at Sheffield Uni, and seeing how little tweaking we
can get away with to extract useful information from taxon
descriptions. To us, taxonomic rank, nomenclature etc are the least
of our worries  - we're developing a few fairly straight-forward rules
based on suffixes and text structure. It's the morphological
information that's the big challenge...

Susannah Lydon

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