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Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Tue Jun 26 09:31:57 CDT 2001

for my two cents worth, which many of you have seen prior over the other
inventions of the wheel ---

printed is still the only acceptable form. at least for some of us who
have visual problems that do not allow us to do computers and screens
well. also i have yet to find a nice hand held computer screen and related
stuff that works well in the "throne room" where a lot of reading is done,
or in bed, or in front of a nice fire on a cool winter eve (ye swe do have
about 3 of those a year in central florida) but more importantly  on my
"work station" top where i also have to deal with scopes, specimens, and
multiple publications at the same time.  the clickie clickie of the
electronic media simply does not work.  and then there is all that
"running it off - downloading" i would like to download the inverters of

oh well

we must progress, after all new is always better, and it it is a pilot
progject it is even keener and better. in fact it is often just plain
spiffy. after all i am the product of a pilot program of the first half of
the last centrury and look what that project did for me and humanity.
first class curmudgeon.


cheers! and get on with it


Stuart M Fullerton ROF, Research Associate in charge of Arthropod
Collections (UCFC), Dept. of Biology, University of Central Florida, PO
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