Clench paper needed

Ron at Ron at
Tue Jun 26 13:10:51 CDT 2001

I am in need of a 1974 paper by Harry Clench. I have a paper reprint of it
archived here somewhere - but have not been able to locate it for over a
month. Last Friday I was in Gainesville at the DPI to work on specimens an
copy the article - only to find that they do not have it. I have also
posted a few individuals with no results either.  If someone(s) can scan
this for me and email it to me I would be most grateful.

The article is.
Clench, 1972. The boundary between Satyrium liparops and its subspecies
strigosum. Annals of the Carnegie Museum 44: 11-24 - 2 figs,  map.

I remember the overall bottom line of the paper -which I have already
included in a current paper of mine - but I need some other specifics too.
I am now coming up against a publication schedule.  Thanks Ron

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