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Indeed both
- Names in Current Usage - 3
- Registration of new names

were eliminated from the ICBN by the recent StLouis Congress(1999), but it
must be added that they may well be back. It is not impossible that one of
the subsequent Congresses will readopt these in some form or other. The
conservation of names does ameliorate the worst rampages of priority, but it
is a lot of work and treatment by the relevant committtee seems to take more
and more time.

Of course someone may also revive the proposal that priority should be
limited to 50 years (a golden oldie).

Also note that the ICBN does not recognize names published on CD-ROM and
certainly not names published on the internet

The ICBN may be better organised than the ICZN but it does have its

Best, Paul van Rijckevorsel, MSc

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> >botanists came up with "names in current usage"
> Which proposal was soundly rejected by the last Congress (2000).  We still
> have priority in full force.  However, its effects may be ameliorated by
> conservation of "popular" names against recently exhumed nomenclatural
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