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Robert A. (Bob) Morris ram at CS.UMB.EDU
Tue Jun 26 17:15:50 CDT 2001

Ummm, I would say http:// is exactly what you
believe would take a miracle, and it has been publicly funded for
quite a few years in cooperation with its Canadian and now Mexican
partners. Although both the US and Canadian organizations are bound to
focus on organisms known in their countries, they have no requirement
to do so and seek contributions of other taxa. In addition, there are
no good reasons at all why ITIS has to have the entirety of the
data---never mind replications. It's likely that organizations like
GBIF and Species 2000 will ultimately agree on protocols for resource
discovery so that applications that don't find satisfactory taxonomy
at ITIS can find it at another source without seeking human

Best of all, ITIS*ca and hopefully soon ITIS*us can serve XML which
makes it particularly easy to integrate their taxonomic data with
applications not having their own taxonomic data.

Bob Morris

Doug Yanega writes:
 > Date:         Tue, 26 Jun 2001 13:54:36 -0700
 > From: Doug Yanega <dyanega at>
 > To: TAXACOM at
 > Subject:      Re: Digital Publication
 > Joe Six Pack will not need to care about it, unless he actually wants
 > doctors and chemists and engineers to have access to their
 > literature. You miss the point of a *universal* archive. If you
 > devote an archive exclusively to taxonomy, then you're begging to
 > have it die of neglect. It would take a miracle for taxonomy, by
 > itself, to have that much public support. We can't *ever* beat them,
 > so let's join them. Besides which, if our work is sharing the same
 > data space as theirs, is it not possible that a few of them,
 > especially the MDs, might actually NOTICE that they can make use of
 > taxonomic information? It won't help the public become aware of the
 > value of taxonomists if we cut ourselves off from the rest of the
 > scientific community.

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