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Ron Gatrelle wrote:
>I agree that one day libraries as we know them will be a thing of the
>past - books will become objects of antiquity and artifacts (the throne
>room will have a screen on the wall). Electronic archiving is the thing of
>the future. (I know because I saw it on Star Trek and even the world's
>worst sci-fi movie, Battlefield Earth.)

Back to a classic, where can found something amazingly fit
to this situation:

"Eh! but how things work together!" said the old man." This
Sleeper that all the fools put their trust in! I've the whole history
of it--I was always a good one for histories. When I was a boy
- I'm that old-- I used to read printed books. You'd hardly
think it. Likely you've seen none--they rot and dust so--and the
Sanitary Company burns them to make ashlarite. But they were
convenient in their dirty way. Oh I learnt a lot. These
new-fangled Babble Machines-- they don't seem new-fangled
to you, eh?--they're easy to hear, easy to forget. But I've
traced all the Sleeper business from the first."
            Herbert Wells, "When The Sleeper Wakes", Chapter XI, 1899.

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