Sexual system of a legume species

d x-zhang dx-zhang at SCIB.AC.CN
Thu Jun 28 22:17:14 CDT 2001

Dear lister,
During our studies on the pollination ecology of Bauhinia brachycarpa, a dioecious species with small white flowers (diameter 10mm) on racemes(c. 10-50 flowers on a 1.5-5cm axis), we found that the sexual system is more complicated than it was recorded. Four types of flowers were found: staminate and accassionary bisexual  flowers on male individuals, carpellate and (very few) sterile flowers on female flowers. Can any of you remind of any species of similar sexual systems in the family (Leguminosae) or any other tropical groups with similar floral morphology?
The pollinators/visitors including bees, wasps, Xylocopas, beetles, flies, ants, and butterflies, although most of them have not been identified yet.
Dianxiang Zhang

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