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Rev Ron
    Evolutionists are firmly entrenched as the great majority at every
level as educators in the US.  Just as government and court rules to
curtail prayer in public schools have not stopped any "believer" of any
faith/religion from parrying - none of this is going to stop educators from
teaching evolution. For now this is just good politics that plays well back
in DesMoines.
    The religious right's feathers hit the fan any time a mere wisper of
something they don't like comes their way. This tells me they are not only
dogmatic and want those who hold contrariy views silenced, but that they
are very insecure.  Elephants that jump at mice. Don't be guilty of a
mirror immage of this projected from the left.  This is all well worth
posting - but if overreacton follows then both sides are gulty of
censorship and lack of "faith" in their preceived truth.  That which is
truly The Truth will eventually always win out. Of course there are always
matyrs along the way.
    As a minister myself, I can say that the single most sacred cow of
fundamental Biblicists - and by extension the creationists under their
dogma - is their position that the earth is not older than the advent of
modern man - about 6000 years in their book (about 10,000 in the
evolutionist's). They also fail to see that the Bible speaks of "creation"
as an ongoing process under its own power - evolution. There is no way I
could get into all that I could - and that all of you would really enjoy
hearing. I will just say three things. 1) This same fundamentalism once
killed people for daring to say that the earth was a sphere and that the
sun did not go around it. 2) The Bible is not a science book but a book
about how screwed up people are and how they need help - spiritual help
that God is willing to give via a relationship - not religion or doctrine.
3) The Bible at no point contradicts any aspect of scientific fact. I guess
I need to add a 4th. But creationists and fundamentalists blatantly
contradict the Bible because they are blinded by religion. There is no IQ
that religion can not conquer, blind and imprison -  and no soul that a
spiritual relationship with The Divine can not set free.
     Evolution is never going to stop being taught. And yes, I liked Behe
Pastor Ron

PS  I really don't like Reverend - it's too religious.
PPS  I had to snip the end of the following as it did not go through as it
was more than the 226 line limit.

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> More disturbing news about the "innocuous" language added to the
> education bill.  This update comes from the American Geological
> Institute
>   Dan Phelps
> SENATE, HOUSE (POSTED 6-19-01)  this update was originally sent
> out as an e-mail message to agi's member societies.
>  IN A NUTSHELL: A day before the Senate completed action on a
> comprehensive education bill that it had debated for six weeks, Sen.
> Rick  Santorum (R-PA) introduced a two-sentence amendment drafted by
> evolution  opponents. The amendment, presented in the form of a Senate
> resolution,  defines "good science education" and encourages teaching
> the "controversy"  surrounding biological evolution. Amidst a flurry of
> other amendments, the  Senate voted 91-8 in favor of the provision on
> its  way to passing the  entire bill by the same margin. Earlier, a
> group of conservative representatives had stripped a science testing
> provision out of the House counterpart bill in part because of concerns
> that the tests would include evolution-related questions.  Differences
> between the two bills will be worked out in a House-Senate conference
> likely to take place in early July.  ************

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