Robin Scribailo RScrib at PURDUENC.EDU
Fri Mar 9 10:15:51 CST 2001


Since we have been discussing microscopes I have a request. I recently had the opportunity to loan out five of our dissecting microscopes to my son's third grade class for two weeks. I spent a class discussing soil with them and we looked at fungi, worms and anything else that could be put under the scopes. The impact on the class and other classes over the two weeks who rotated around so they could use the microscopes was very heartening. Many of the students had "no idea" how interesting biology could be and exclaimed that they wanted to become scientists and wanted to switich so they could be in the room with the scopes. Unfortunately, most of them will lose that enthusiasm over time with inadequate teaching in biology. The teachers did not realize these kinds of microscopes (dissecting versus those requiring slides) existed, which are far more appropriate for elementary school,  and are now asking about what they might purchase with very limited funds. A zoom would be nice but really raises the price. I am more familiar with research scopes and have little experience with lower end models. I think something of decent quality is warranted but I have no experience with Fisher brand, Tasco, etc...,.  Does anyone have experience or recommendations on what and where to buy. Used is certainly a possibility. People can respond directly to me.



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