Doctoral / postdoc position available

Peter Linder plinder at BOTZOO.UCT.AC.ZA
Thu Mar 1 13:03:08 CST 2001

I am inviting applications for PhD or Post-Doctoral positions based at
the Institute for Systematic Botany in Zurich, Switzerland.
Successful applicants will work on the phylogeny and diversification
of selected lineages of the very species-rich flora of the
south-western Cape, South Africa.  This involves using sequence data
to estimate the phylogeny of various groups, and fieldwork to describe
the habitats and collect material and data for morphological analyses.
 This is part of an extensive research program directed at elucidating
the evolutionary history (histories!) of the incredibly species-rich
Cape Flora. For more information, contact Peter Linder
(plinder at

Peter Linder
Bolus Herbarium
Botany Department
Rondebosch 7700
fax +27-21-6504041

>From 1 May:
Institute of Systematic Botany
University of Zurich
8008 Zurich
phone 0041 (+1) 634 84 10
fax      + 1 6348403
e-mail plinder at

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