Roland Eberwein roland.eberwein at LANDESMUSEUM-KTN.AT
Thu Nov 22 19:30:24 CST 2001

Dear Listmembers,

I have to manage several collections (approx. 200.000 herbarium sheets, spirit collection, paleobotanical collection, carpological collection, ethnobotanical collection, colour slides, paintings, historical instruments, handwritings, living plants (garden), ...) at the Carinthian Botanic Center, but we have no(!) database. I'm looking for a suitable software now and need your help. I would be glad to receive informations about your favourites and your experience with databases. Please reply to my personal email-address.

Cordial thanks in advance

Mag. Dr. Roland K. Eberwein
Carinthian Botanic Center
Prof.-Dr.-Kahler-Platz 1
A-9020 Klagenfurt
Tel.: ++43 (0)463 598983 11
Fax: ++43 (0)463 598983 14
E-Mail: roland.eberwein at

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