ornamental grass-- long shot

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It sounds as though it might be Fakahatchee Grass - Tripsacum dactyloides
or Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass - Tripsacum floridanum

The silliness of common names aside (there are a lot of common names for
these species and neither is really very common in the Fakahatchee strand)
neither is a "plume" grass either, the inflorescence has just a few spikes.
They are both very common in the nursery trade in Florida though and I have
even seen them in the Cayman Islands under those common names in a nursery.


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        We have been asked to identify an ornamental grass which apparently
a trade name (cultivar name?) something like

        "Fhakahatchoe" or "--hatchee"

        I have not seen the grass, but am told that it is some sort of a
grass, very attractive.

        Anybody have a clue?

        Thanks JOHN
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