South American Cacti

Phil Ganter pganter at TNSTATE.EDU
Thu Nov 1 17:51:09 CST 2001

To all,
I am interested in collecting yeast from cacti in several places in
South America.  Collecting is not harmful to the host plant.  The areas
include: the caatinga in the Brazilian states of Pernambuco and Pariaba;
in the neighborhood of Antofagasta, Chile; in northwestern Peru (La
Libertad, Cajamarca & Lambayeque), in southern Peru (Puno and Moquequa)
and Bolivia (La Paz and Oruro).   I have some experience collecting from
these areas, but wish to increase the efficiency by getting additional
info about areas with high cactus density (mostly looking for
Opuntiodeae and Cactoideae) .  If anyone can help, I am interested in

Phil Ganter
Biology Department
Tennessee State University

pganter at

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