Update: ECN Preregistration extended

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Fri Nov 2 09:42:59 CST 2001

Entomological Collections Network, 2001 Meetings
Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, CA

December 8-9, 2001  (all day Saturday and till noon Sunday
                     with a private reception 6-8:30 pm in
                     Charlie's Sports Bar)

Program (major sessions; speakers and titles TBA soon):

Saturday, December 8:

Authority Files and Specimen Databasing (Symposium)
The All Species Foundation (Terry Erwin)
Specimen Handling and Curation Techniques in Backlog Material (Symposium)

Sunday, December 9:

Insitutional Reports
ECN: Are we where we want to be? (Chris Thompson & Jim Woolley)
Discussion session

FOR PREREGISTRATION, GO TO http://entmuseum9.ucr.edu/entmus/ECN.pdf

**NOTE** the deadline for preregistration HAS BEEN EXTENDED to Nov.
15, due to low response rate - we need a better idea of the number of
attendees, or else we may not be able to reserve an appropriate level
of catering services - it's expensive this year (as we are housed in
the ESA hotel) and we really need to have a firm idea of the expected

Direct any questions to Doug Yanega <dyanega at pop.ucr.edu>


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