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Robin Leech releech at TELUSPLANET.NET
Sat Nov 3 11:36:19 CST 2001

Hi Fellow Taxacomers,

I have to share this with you.  I recently gave a midterm exam in entomology, and one of the questions dealt with the dates, authors and names of publications of famous authors.  Enjoy the following:

1758    Linnaeus            Systema Naturae
1859    Darwin               The Organ of Species
1866    Haeckel/Mendel  Phylogenetic Trees/Genetics
1962    Carson               Silent Sping
1966    Hennig                Phylogenetic Systematics

Another question and another student:

In the year ______, _____________ proposed the Theory of Continental Drift.  His theory was based mainly on geological evidences (shape of separated continents), but today we have far more compelling data for this theory.  List three other kinds of evidence.

1.  Sediments
2.  Make Shift Dikes   [mafic dikes]
3.  Fossils.

I am still huffing and snorting on these.  It is now hard for me to think of mafic dikes, as "Make Shift" looms so large in my memory.

Robin Leech

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