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Peter van Welzen Welzen at NHN.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Mon Nov 5 09:54:20 CST 2001


The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Leiden

The National Herbarium Netherlands (NHN) is an interuniversity research
institute with branches in Leiden, Utrecht and Wageningen.
The Research group Plant Diversity of the Indopacific and Tropical Asia
(PITA, NHN-Leiden) has a vacancy for a

Vacancy number: 1-175 / 9997

Project title and definition: Phylogeny and classification of subtribe
Acalypheae (Euphorbiaceae)

An international team is presently revising the large Euphorbiaceae family
for the Flora Malesiana and Flora of Thailand projects (over 100 genera,
comprising more than 1500 species). Subtribe Acalypheae comprises many
valuable species, not only economically important (Acalypha, ornamentals;
Ricinius, medicinal, castor oil), but also some good indicators of various
kinds and degrees of ecological disturbance (Macaranga, Mallotus). The
present classification is based on macromorphological characters, it
comprises many monotypic taxa with unknown affinities, and it conflicts
with the results of recent molecular studies. Therefore, a new and
phylogenetically based classification is greatly needed. The selected
candidate will revise a few small genera, create a data matrix based on
macromorphological characters and analyse this phylogenetically. The main
part of the four year project will be to sequence several genes of selected
species and to analyse the results phylogenetically, separately and in
conjunction with the macromorphological data. The project will be an
international team endeavour with cooperation from American, British,
German, Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai institutes. The project has to
result in a PhD thesis. A limited amount of teaching is also included in
the job description.

M.Sc. degree in biology or (bio-)pharmaceutical sciences with experience in
plant taxonomy and DNA sequencing techniques.

Information: Dr. P.C. van Welzen: tel: +31 71 5273571, fax: +31 71 5273511,
email: Welzen at

The salary in the first year is Euro 1,433.49 per month (gross), increasing
to Euro 2,047 per month in the fourth year. The appointment is temporary
with a duration of four years.

Please send applications (number of vacancy on letter and enveloppe) with
an elaborate motivation, curriculum vitae and references within three weeks to:
Department Personnel & Organisation (P&O)
C/o Mr. T.A. Dijks
P.O. Box 9504
2300 RA  Leiden
The Netherlands

Peter C. van Welzen

Nationaal Herbarium Nederland - Leiden Universiteit Branch
visiting address: Einsteinweg 2
mail address: P.O. Box 9514
2300 RA  Leiden
The Netherlands
tel.: -31 (0)71 527 3571
fax: -31 (0)71 527 3511
email: Welzen at

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