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In The Netherlands the situation is the same. Many copies of dissertations are distributed and fulfill the demands of effective publication.

Jeannette Ridder-Numan

>>> Mats Wedin <mats.wedin at EG.UMU.SE> 08-11-01 15:17 >>>
Dear all,

This topic was debated among the systematic botanists in Sweden about 10
years ago. The Brazilian theses discussed would be effectively published
under the ICBN (art 29).

Clearly, all PhD dissertations and other publications that are available in
a few distributed hard-copies (and not only available as on
microfiche/internet) fulfil all demands on effective publication under the
ICBN. In Sweden, theses are usually printed in many copies that are
distributed world-wide, often in University serials. As a result of this,
validating latin diagnoses or citation of basionyms must be removed from
the text if copies of manuscripts in press are to be included in
dissertations, otherwise the names/combinations are published in these.


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