Revisions in theses? (Disclaimer)

"José H. Leal" jleal at SHELLMUSEUM.ORG
Thu Nov 8 12:40:35 CST 2001

>On the topic of disclaimers (sorry for temporarily shifting the "theses" 
>thread onto something else), how effective are them from a technical, ICZN 
>(or ICBN) standpoint? Is the presence of a disclaimer in a publication 
>sufficient to immediately invalidate a name published in that publication 
>without need for additional procedures? I just received a copy of a shell 
>club newsletter published in W Australia containing the description of a 
>new species of gastropod mollusk. That very issue of the newsletter bears 
>a disclaimer (in the masthead) stating that "The issue of this magazine 
>does NOT constitute publication for the purpose of the International Code 
>of Zoological Nomenclature." It seems pretty clear to me that the 
>description and associated name therein is not valid, but we can also 
>expect that the name will be immediately adopted by a number of people 
>into shell trading, etc. Can we just ignore the description? What would be 
>an acceptable and effective solution to the problem vis-a-vis the presence 
>of the disclaimer?

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