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> Chris Thompson wrote:
> >We, here, hence, recommend that all our PhD theses
> >contain a disclaimer to ensure that they will not be scientific
> >under the ICZN.
> This is the same clause, I presume, that prevents all the
> "synonymies" listed in Poole's "Nomina Insecta Nearctica" from being
> validly published - there is an explicit disclaimer in the
> introduction to the work.
> The other examples of theses that MAY be valid publications point
> out, once again, the kind of nasty mess that we compel ourselves to
> endure by not requiring registration of new names.
> There. I said it. >;-)
> It *was* going to be brought up eventually, if the thread continued.
> Peace,
> Doug Yanega        Dept. of Entomology         Entomology Research Museum

Yes, Doug there is entirely too much of a "MAY be.." when one gets into the
specifics of various works.   Personally,  I don't think all parties take
their area's Code seriously enough.  It would seem logical to me that if
the rules were followed (as dictated paths of process and not just
suggestions) we would not have to be so concerned  with coming up with
alternative codes or supplemental avenues to determine availability,
validity, or stability (as each is built on the previous).  Otherwise,
registration.or some such alternative is inevitable.

Ron Gatrelle

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