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Fri Nov 9 01:30:42 CST 2001

Haste makes waste.  I mis-wrote

Chris quoted me in...
> 9(b) eliminates printouts from PDF files.

Then added...
This statement is not part of the code. ( snip)  ...Yes, the old 1985
included a statement (Art. 9(6)) which read "computer printouts as such"...

Sorry for the confusion I caused.  I wrote the wrong number.  I meant to
write 10 (b) not 9(b) in my original post.  This is from page XXVIII of the
Vol. 4 introduction.  The key word there is "down-loaded"  which, as Chris
Thompson pointed out, is quite different from a printing process which
utilizes a computer as the tool of prinitng production.  It does however
state "...down-loaded copies or printouts"  are "unpublished."

Ron Gatrelle
TILS president
Charleston, SC - USA

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