Postal irradiation

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At 10:09 AM 2001-11-12 -0500, John Morse wrote:
>...we should
>begin labeling all specimens sent through the mail in order to alert future
>investigators that the DNA may have been compromised.  An orange label with
>the international standard trifold Radiation Hazard symbol
    This suggestion is a bit problematic.  The meaning of this symbol is
that the specimens themeselves are radioactive, which would not be the case
if they had simply been irradiated.  One can envision lots of future
problems with specimens so marked....
>or with simply
   This is a very good idea.  It describes the "preparation" that was
applied to the specimens.  Especialy so if this can be tied to Curtis
Clark's suggestion of shipping unexposed film with specimens as a dosimiter.

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