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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
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Christian Thompson wrote:

"Under the ICZN a nomen nudum (see the glossary) is a Latin term for a name that fails to conform to the requirement of the Code (Arts. 11 & 12 or 11 & 13, etc.). So, any "scientific" name "published" that does not meet ICZN standards is a nomen nudum. So, Hendrik is simply wrong."

I would not for a moment question Christian Thompson's authority in explaining the definition of a "nomen nudum" under the ICZN.  However this is not the usage of the ICBN which is the intuitive one (of a naked name) that Hendrik Segers assumed, i.e. a "published" [ICZN] / "effectively published" [ICBN} name that lacks a description.

The ICBN does not formally define the term, but the usage of it in Examples to Art. 46 and in Rec. 50B makes it quite clear that it is applied to names that are "effectively published" but not "validly published"; in Zoospeak, they would be "published" but not "available" -- in both cases because no description was provided.

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