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Michael Schmitt m.schmitt at UNI-BONN.DE
Thu Nov 15 11:46:49 CST 2001

Dear colleagues,

Chris Thompason stated:
>Under the ICZN a nomen nudum (see the glossary) is a Latin term for a name
>that fails to conform to the requirement of the Code (Arts. 11 & 12 or 11 &
>13, etc.). So, any "scientific" name "published" that does not meet ICZN
>standards is a nomen nudum. So, Hendrik is simply wrong.

I.m.h.o., the ICZN is quite clear exactly in the definition found in its
glossary, since it states that "A nomen nudum is not available".
Consequently, there is no reason to consider it in revisions and other
works thought to be of nomenclatorial relevance. This does, of course, not
touch the fact that non-nomenclatorial information attached to a
non-available name may well be worth being communicated, and thus this
non-available name and its source should not be ignored in fields of
science other than nomenclature.

                                        Michael Schmitt

                                        Michael Schmitt

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