Mt. San Jacinto, CA inverts.

John Pinto jpinto at UCRAC1.UCR.EDU
Sun Nov 18 13:16:15 CST 2001

I am interested in receiving names of unique invertebrates occurring in the
Mount San Jacinto area, the high elevation zone towering above Palm Springs
in Riverside Co. California.  This could include endemic species,
subspecies, important distribution records, or the occurrence of generally
endangered taxa that also exist elsewhere.  Mt. San Jacinto is the second
highest peak in southern California with elevations reaching 10,800 ft (ca.
3300 m). and it is the most isolated.  Most of this region is within state
park lands.

The purpose of the requested information is to help respond to a California
Department of Parks and Recreation "General Plan" for the area which
proposes greater development to accommodate a projected increase in
visitors.  The General Plan includes some information on sensitive plants
and vertebrates requiring attention in future development projects, but
nothing on invertebrates. I would like to point out this glaring omission
in a response to the Plan (responses are due by Nov. 30).  Examples of
critical taxa will help drive home the point.

If you can offer any names of invertebrates please send them to my personal
e-mail address (john.pinto at If the info is not already published I
would like to use your name as the source of information.   .... john pinto

John D. Pinto
Department of Entomology
University of California
Riverside, California  92521
TEl: (909)787-4371 (or -5834); FAX (909)-787-3086
e-mail: john.pinto at

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