Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 20 09:53:05 CST 2001

     There seem to be records of Flemingia grahamiana for Zaire, Tanzania,
Malawi, Zambia, and also further south in Swaziland.  Would assume it
probably also occurs in Mozambique, but can't say for sure.
        Hope this helps,
               Ken (non-botanist)
>From: Vaishali Joshi <vaish74 at REDIFFMAIL.COM>
>Reply-To: Vaishali Joshi <vaish74 at REDIFFMAIL.COM>
>Subject: Information
>Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 05:46:43 -0000
>Dear Taxacomers
>Can any one tell me if this species is  distributed in  Africa
>Flemingia grahamiana Wight & Arn. Fabacea
>Vaishali C. Joshi

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