18th Century mentality in the 21st Century

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Tue Nov 20 19:33:13 CST 2001

   Mary Barkworth <Mary at biology.usu.edu> wrote:
And then there is the next point - how many of us are worth suing?

Well, that was, perhaps obliquely, my point about economic advantage:  it would have to be one Pow'rful thesis to be such a valuable trade item to University Microfilms that they would undertake the cost of legal action.  Lawyers receive higher hourly rates than most biologists I know.  Furthermore, I would expect the doctrine that academics can liberally quote from each other's writings to apply.  Maybe the copyright assignment is written in a way that makes that point explicit.  Has anyone got such an agreement form in their files?


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