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James Kruse fnjjk1 at UAF.EDU
Wed Nov 21 08:28:02 CST 2001

I just went through this not too long ago, so maybe I can help.

Berkeley sends all theses to UMI. If I wanted to copyright my thesis, I
could have paid $50 or so and done it. If I had papers already published, I
had to have certain permission forms filled out (this wasn't a worry, so I
didn't spend time finding out much about this process). I think they expect
you to publish, as I did not have to sign anything that said that UMI now
owned the copyright and I had to get permission from them to publish

Anyhow, one chapter is published, another is in press, and I have similar
plans for the third. They don't stand to make much from my thesis as all the
chapters will be published soon. I think this is a percentage bet they are
willing to hedge.

My thoughts...

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