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Take a peek in the 4th edition of the ICZN, effective as of 1 Jan 2000, and
you will see that the president is Alessandro Minelli (of Italy) and the
previous president was Otto Kraus (of Germany), and that that the Chairman
of the Editorial Committee is WDL Ride (Australia).  Other members are HG
Cogger (Australia), C Dupuis (France), O Kraus (Germany), A Minelli (Italy),
FC Thompson (US) and PK Tubbs (UK).
These people are nominated and appointed (in this case, in Canberra).  On
page XIV, low centre, you will see how things happened.  That is, who was
appointed originally, who stepped down, etc.
Robin Leech

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> Aloha,
> Two days ago I gave a lecture on the International Code of Zoological
> Nomenclature to a systematics class and one of the questions asked was:
> Who selected the members of the International Commission and were there
> criteria in
> the selection of delegates to the Commission?  I/m sure there were
> criteria but what are they?  My question is: Are members of non-English
> speaking systematists/zoologists ever become part of the Commission?
> I will appreciate input from anyone on these questions.
> Thanks.
> Sabina
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