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The first installment of this catalogue is now available at <>
When completed, it will contain information from all specimens of vascular
plant species collected in Eastern Brazil and housed in The New York
Botanical Garden Herbarium. In addition, for each species that also occurs
beyond the boundaries of eastern Brazil, the catalogue will contain
information from specimens chosen to indicate the limits of the species'
geographical range in the Americas.

For this catalogue, "Eastern Brazil" comprises the states on the Brazilian
coast from Rio Grande do Norte to Rio Grande do Sul.  The information in the
catalogue is intended to provide a means to assess the diversity and
endemism of the flora in this region.

Information can be obtained by searching the database directly or by
selecting from a checklist of families. The database currently contains
specimens only for the 90 families on the checklist.  Additional families
will be added as completed.  Searching the database will return specimen
records that match the search criteria.  Selecting a family from the
checklist will return a list of genera and species in that family.  Further
selection of a genus or species name in the resulting list will return
specimen records just like those returned from a search.  Of the records
resulting from a search, those that include geocoordinates can be viewed as
dots on a map.

Creation of this catalogue is funded in part by the National Science
Foundation (Jacquelyn Kallunki, P.I., and Anthony Kirchgessner, Co-P.I.) and
by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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