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Thu Oct 11 03:13:44 CDT 2001

Do I get the record for the most typos in a paragraph yet?  I see I did not
go back and do _anything_ with my first paragraph after drafting it.   It
is as.. and should be as.

The Hodges numbers aconpanying [accompanying] his checklist start at 1 and
continue for each species up to 11233.  In other words all these numbers do
is indicate
the cronology [chronology] of the scientific names he listed.  The taxa are
listed in
his view of their evolutionary  asssent [assent].  They only cover the
American "names" as subjectively recognized at that point in time.  There
is no code as 2000 = X genus and 3000 = Y gneus [genus].  It is just
cornology [chronology] of occurance [occurrence] in his list. He deals with
subspecies as a,b,c under each number.  So subspecies have no numbers.

Pretty good (I mean bad), huh?  8^])

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