US herbaria that are Databased

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Mon Oct 1 18:30:44 CDT 2001

Dear Colleagues:

I'm working on a collaborative project regarding plant collecting patterns
with several plant systematists. We would like to know of all U. S.
herbaria that have data from their local (in-state) vascular plant
collections computerized. We're interested obtaining data from herbaria
large and small, public and private. The data need not be online, but we
will need someone to be run a simple query for us if the data are not
online. We are primarily interested in databases that are complete, i.e.
for at least in-state collections, all specimens have been catalogued, but
in some cases databases-in-progress may be helpful.

If the collection at your institution is databased, or if you know of one
that is, could you please email me off list at alan at I'll be happy
to make the list available to anyone who desires it.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Alan Prather
166 Plant Biology, Wilson Road
Plant Biology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1312

(517) 355-4695
fax (517) 353-1926

alan at

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