The Mammals of North America (Hall)

Tue Oct 2 16:38:17 CDT 2001

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"The Mammals of North America" by  E. Raymond Hall

will be available again in a couple of weeks from The Blackburn Press.

This is a reprint of the 1981 edition of this classic.

As the only work to provide all-inclusive information for the entire
continent, The Mammals of North America continues to be an indispensable
reference source for zoologists, botanists, entomologists, epidemiologists,
parasitologists -- all those whose interests touch upon the native,
free-living mammals.

>From the original reviews:

"Henceforth no one can work at the professional level in this field without
reference to Hall..." G. G. Simpson, American Museum of Natural History.

"Monumental... should be acquired by any institution or individual dealing
even infrequently with wild animals native to North America". Journal of the

"A milestone in the literature of mammalian systematics". The American

"A set no professional or serious amateur mammalogist can afford to be
without". The Canadian Field Naturalist.

"A truly impressive work". Library Journal

ISBN 1-930665-35-0 (2 volume paperback set in a slip case)

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Of course, we're also interested in hearing of other titles we might
consider returning  to print. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks very much.


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