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Joseph H. Kirkbride, Jr. jkirkbri at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Fri Oct 5 11:25:56 CDT 2001

The USDA National Agricultural Library (NAL), Beltsville, Maryland, USA,
has made available on the Internet volumes 1-26 (1787-1807) of Curtis'
The Botanical Magazine.  Plates 797 and 860 are missing because the NAL
set does not have them.  The web address is:

There is a search engine for the following data: Plate number, Common
name, Genus, Species, Class, Order, Family, Native region, Plant type,
Plant colors, Seasons, Volume, Editor, Artist, and Publication data.  So
far it has worked for common names and plate number, but unfortunately
not for scientific names.

When a plate is called, a screen appears with the data down the left
hand side and a thumbnail image of the plate in the upper right hand
corner.  If you click the thumbnail image, then a larger version of the
plate appears.  The data include the following: Plate No.; Title page
[this the text accompanying the plate]; common names; genus; species;
class [Linnaean]; order [Linnaean]; authority [of species]; modern genus;
modern species; modern family; plant type [habit and/or life cycle];
color [of flower]; season; native region; zone [USDA hardiness zones];
source [The Botanical Magazine]; volume; pub [publication] date; reissued;
editor; artist; nalpcd [NAL identification number for image].  The Title
pages (accompanying text) is saved as TIF files.  When a Title page number
is clicked, the text can either be viewed or saved to disk as a TIF file.

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