gymnosperm classification

Elaine Chittenden chitt at GROUNDS.MSU.EDU
Mon Oct 8 11:38:03 CDT 2001

Dear folks interested in gymnosperm classification:

I hope someone can straighten me out on my confused state regarding
gymnosperm classification (specifically the division and class name used).

I want to show the brief version of the taxonomic hierarchy
(kingdom,division, class, order, family, genus, species) for Sequoiadendron
giganteum on an interpretive panel.  I am stuck on what to use for division
and class.

Is Gymnospermae (in common usage for presumably division) equivalent to
coniferophyta? Is Pinopsida equivalent to coniferopsida for class?  Which
should be used?

My references are Mabberley's Plant Book 1997, Krussman Manual of conifers
1991, Flora North America and Kubitzki 1990 Families and genera of vascular
plants vol. 1 Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms.  Lots of conflicting names at
this level.

Thank you for any response regarding references I have not used yet.


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