Introducción a la biogeograpfía en Latinoamérica

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Introducción a la biogeograpfía en Latinoamérica: Teorías, Conceptos, 
Métodos y Aplicaciones. Eds J. Lorente Bousquets and J. J. Morrone. 2001. 
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico D. F.

Biogeographers may be interested in this new 277-page volume with its 28 
papers covering a range of biogeographic approaches and topics with a focus 
on Latin America, including papers on geology and geological history, 
areography, areas of endemism, ecology, island biogeography, conservation, 
paleoclomates, refugia, ecological cladistics, dispersal biogeography, 
panbiogeography, and cladistic biogeography.

With such a range of topics and approaches there’ something in this book 
for everyone. In its scope I think it’s a far better book than English 
language compilations on biogeography in recent years.

This new volume can be obtained by sending US $20 to Juan Morrone 
(jjm at

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