Coccygidium request

Carlos Sarmiento cesarmiento at YAHOO.COM
Mon Oct 8 12:29:01 CDT 2001


I am graduate student in the Department of Entomology
at the University of Kentucky, under the supervision
of Dr. Michael Sharkey.  For my Ph. D. thesis I am
revising the genus Coccygidium (Braconidae,
Agathidinae, Disophrini) of the New World and doing a
cladistic analysis of the Disophrini genera. I would
like to borrow all of your specimens of Coccygidium
from the New World, and I would like a general
representation of Old World Disophrini including a
diversity of Coccygidium species.

The synonyms of Coccygidium are: Ahngeria,
Brachyropalum, Caenophylax, Lisitheria, Neophylax,
Spilomicrodus, Xanthomicrodus, Zelomorpha,
Zelomorphidea and Zelomorpha.

The genera of the tribe Disophrini are: Balcenema,
Coccygidium, Dichelosus, Disophrys, Euagathis,
Gyrochus, Hemichoma, Holcotroticus, Hypsostypos,
Liopisa, Macroagathis, Marjoriella, Monophrys, Oreba,
Pelmagathis, Platyagathis, Protroticus,
Pseudocremnops, Troticus. I would appreciate some
specimens of each genus if you have them.

If you wish specimens can be loaned to me in the name
of Dr. Michael Sharkey. Thank you in advance for your
attention to this matter

I will appreciate if you can send me specimens or
inform me about museums where you have seen them in
order to request for specimens there.

Sincerely yours,

Carlos E. Sarmiento-M.
University of Kentucky
Entomology S-225 Agricultural Science Center North
Lexington Kentucky 40546-0091 USA
Phones: 859-257-7452 (museum), 859 252 1430 (apto.)
        859-257-9364 (lab.)
fax:    859-323-1120

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