More on Biogeographic memory

Juan Jose Morrone jjm at HP.FCIENCIAS.UNAM.MX
Tue Oct 9 09:38:07 CDT 2001

Dear Curtis (an all),
as I conceive it (although panbiogeographers as well as cladistic
biogeographers will disagree) main differences between panbiogeography
and cladistic biogeography are not only methodological, but their practice
seeks to answer different questions.
I have began to explore these issues in an article with J. Crisci
(1995, in Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics), and posteriorly
elaborated it further. An article in Diversity and Distributions, which
will appear very soon, will present this in terms of primary geographic
homology (panbiogeography) and secondary biogeographic homology (cladistic
With best regards

Juan J. Morrone
Fac. Ciencias-UNAM
Mexico city

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