Problems importing specimens

Vr. Richard Bejsak-Colloredo-Mansfeld ricardo at ANS.COM.AU
Wed Oct 10 07:20:08 CDT 2001

Even you can easily kill with stockings or piece of fabric someone even can
kill with empty hands
soon people has to travel naked with hands and legs amputated..

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> on 10/9/01 10:20 AM, Sally Shelton at Shelton.Sally at NMNH.SI.EDU wrote:
> >>>> David Furth 10/09/01 12:14 PM >>>
> > I have had definite confirmations from at least two persons that
> > to hand-carry pinned insect specimens into the USA and were forbidden to
> > so.  One was on British Airways and the other from Costa Rica via
> > Airlines.
> >
> > We would appreciate some way of finding out if there is some policy
> > bringing pinned insect specimens into the USA on board because the 1.5
> > very thin insect pins are considered as "dangerous weapons".  This is a
> > serious concern for entomologists who routinely hand-carry important,
> > specimens in order to protect them from the postal systems.
> As if specimen imports need to be made _more_ difficult. Was that really
> reason behind forbidding those imports?
> I thought I heard it all with the banning of plastic knives and fingernail
> clippers. This 'zero tolerance' idiocy _can_ be taken to higher highs...
> Of course you could much more easily kill with a pencil or a pen. I
> those should be banned too.
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