Problems improting insect pins

Ron at Ron at
Wed Oct 10 04:08:05 CDT 2001

The nightmare would be if scientifically valuable specimens - like types -
would be confiscated and damaged in "inspection".   I have mailed many
spread specimens and never had a problem with what I sent.  I have only had
a couple problems with specimens received and in both instances it was due
to sender error and not the Post Office.  The most unbelievable one was a
shipment many years ago from Europe in a Styrofoam cooler type of box.  No
padding and the specimens were just stuck on the interior lining - all four
sides.  I received two such shipments.  In the second, it looked like
someone had kicked the Styrofoam container and put a big hole in it.  What
was amazing is that a number of the specimens were still totally intact.
Ron Gatrelle

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