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For 2001 - 2002
(Renewable for up to 3 additional years)

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of
Connecticut seeks a curatorial associate to work in the George Safford
Torrey Herbarium as an assistant collections manager.  This is an annual
position, renewable for up to three additional years.  This curatorial
associate will be responsible for all daily herbarium activities.  The
successful applicant will gain experience in all aspects of herbarium
curation and management including participating in a multi-year data base
project for the entire herbarium, maintaining the collections, accessioning
new specimens, mounting new and backlogged specimens, and overseeing
student help and volunteers.  In addition, a smaller amount of time will be
spent working with the Department's mammal and fish collections.  The
Department's collections and research facilities will be available for
independent or collaborative research as well.

A move to a new, state-of-the-art collection facility is anticipated at
some point during the tenure of this position. At that time the successful
applicant will be involved in all aspects of moving significant biological
research collections.  This will include having input in the choice and
installation of compactors, assisting in the development of a plan for
moving the biological research collections, inserting and re-organizing the
collections and supervising staff and during the move.

The George Safford Torrey Herbarium was established in 1915 when G. Safford
Torrey began teaching at the University of Connecticut (then Connecticut
Agricultural College).  Its strengths are in the local floras of
Connecticut and northeastern North America although it has good
representation of many North American Taxa and some specimens from other
areas such as Central and South America.  There are approximately 120,000
sheets of vascular plants and the establishment of a cryoptogamic
component, mostly bryophytes and lichens, has recently been initiated by
association with new faculty in these fields.  The Henry N. Andrews
Paleobotanical Collections are also associated with the Herbarium.  The G.
S. Torrey Herbarium is housed in the Torrey Life Sciences Building on the
Storrs campus and associated with the University's Center for Conservation
and Biodiversity.

Systematics research interests of key faculty center on the Solanaceae and
Aquatic Plants in the Alismatidae.  In addition, the herbarium has strong
ecological and conservation foci and is currently involved in a multi-year
project to establish a prototype for a national early detection network for
invasive plants.  More can be learned by visiting the Department web page
and clicking on research, collections and invasive species

The minimum qualification for the curatorial research associate is a Ph.D.
or Master's Degree with experience.  Candidates are expected to have an
extensive background in botany, biology or a related field and knowledge of
plant taxonomy or floristic botany.  A strong interest in curatorial museum
work is equally important.   Candidates should be familiar with herbarium
routines, several kinds of computer programs including databases and
website maintenance and must be able to supervise students working in the
collections and on the database project.  Candidates must be self-motivated
with an interest in plants and a desire to accomplish goals established in
conjunction with the curator and the herbarium oversight committee.  An
interest in personal research carried on in conjunction with the herbarium,
departmental faculty or on one's own is highly desirable.

Annual salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience.  A
starting date in the fall of 2001 is anticipated.  The successful candidate
will receive full benefits as a state employee.  To apply, please send a
letter of application, curriculum vitae, and the names, addresses and
telephone numbers of three references to:
Dr. Leslie J. Mehrhoff
G. Safford Torrey Herbarium
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Box U-43
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT  06269-3043.

This search will continue until the position is filled.

"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and
beauty of the biotic community.  It is wrong when it tends otherwise"
                                        Aldo Leopold in "The Land Ethic"
Leslie J. Mehrhoff, Ph.D.
Curator, G. Safford Torrey Herbarium
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Connecticut
Box U-43
75 North Eagleville Road
Storrs, CT  06269-3043

Herbarium phone (860) 486-1889
Office phone (860) 486-5708
FAX (860) 486-6364

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