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Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Wed Oct 10 09:48:32 CDT 2001

Luis Gomez wrote:

>How about 1/2 inch pins tipped with ricin? or curare? of botulism? or

Yersinia is a genus of mantids. Anthrax is a genus of bee flies.
Therefore, I can look people in the eye and say with a straight face;
"I have thousands of pins carrying Anthrax and Yersinia". I'm sure
that would go over well, huh? ;-)

It is, incidentally, a side effect of the recent nonsense that my web
page of curious scientific names (which lists Anthrax) has been
getting a lot more hits in the last week. Surprising, considering how
far down the list that page must be when one does a search. Maybe it
depends on the search engine.


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