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Una Smith una at LANL.GOV
Wed Oct 10 11:38:10 CDT 2001

Here is a nice postdoc opportunity for computer-philic biology PHDs.

> Rockefeller University and the Courant Institute for Mathematical
> Sciences at NYU invite applications to a joint postdoctoral
> program whose aim is to integrate the biological sciences with
> mathematics and computer science.  The program's intent is to
> catalyze collaborate research, and it is expected that the
> postdoctoral fellow will have sponsors and research space at both
> institutions.
> The anticipated salary level is $55,000/annum for the first years
> and the appointment will last two years with possible renewal for
> a third.  It is anticipated that two positions will be available
> this year with an application deadline of January 1, 2002. The
> primary appointment will be at Rockefeller.  Women and minorities
> are particularly encouraged to apply.
> The application should consist of a 1-2 page statement from the
> candidate outlining the proposed research and the the candidates
> qualifications for pursuing it, along with a CV, letters of
> recommendation and selected publications.
> Equally important will be joint letter from the sponsoring faculty
> at the two institutions explaining how the fellow's proposal will
> integrate their research goals.  Favorable consideration will be
> given to projects with the potential to impact multiple groups/
> laboratories on the two campuses.
> This program is being coordinated by a committee consisting of
> Profs Leslie Greengard, Albert Libchaber, Eric Siggia,
> Sid Strickland (faculty) and Steve Burley (ex officio) who can be
> consulted for more information.
> Applications should be forwarded to Dean of Graduate Studies,
> Rockefeller University 1230 York Ave, New York 10021.
> Sid
> --
> Sidney Strickland
> The Rockefeller University
> 1230 York Avenue
> New York, NY 10021
> Telephone: 212-327-8705
> Fax: 212-327-8774
> Email: strickland at

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