Problems importing insect pins

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 10 15:48:21 CDT 2001

     And imagine the poor entomologist going through airport security not
only with insect pins, but they are in a box labelled "Bombyliid specimens".
      And so many ominous sounding names:  Cyananthrax cyanoptera, Inyo
destructor, Anthrax varius, Bombomyia bombiformis, Thyridanthrax pertusa,
Rhynchanthrax plagosus.   You could probably get some dirty looks by just
discussing bee fly taxonomy in a public place.
Neal Evenhuis wrote:
>... and imagine the thoughts running through people's minds when they go to
>the page with Anthrax on our server referring to a checklist of the
>Bombyliidae held in the USNM Collection curated here at Bishop Museum,
>which I naively entitled years ago as "USNMBombcheck.html"
>... (It's been getting an increase in hits the last few days too -- no
>doubt a few from the FBI!)

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