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> I do have something taxonomic this time. Gazoryctra was a neglected
> name brought back by Wagner & Tindale (1988) for a group of hepialids
> (Lepidoptera). It is actually an old name (Hubner 1820) but doesn't
> Hepialus (F). The species epithets all ended with 'us' to be correct with
> Hepialus at the time of the change to Gazoryctra, and many folks still
> the 'us' endings. For example, keeping 'hyperboreus' and 'novigannus' in
> spirit of the zoological code, which if I remember correctly and have
> understood properly, recommends the endings on species epithets remain
> despite generic name changes. BUT in this case 'hyperborea' and
> are correct in latin (the way that Wagner & Tindale went with them, and
> the surface I agree with).
> Thoughts?

ICZN 4th edition.

In glossary. "gender, n. Of a genus-group name: a grammatical property
(masculine, feminine or neuter) that affects the way in which Latin or
latinized adjectival or participial species-group names are to be spelled,
since the gender form of such a species-group name must agree with the
gender of the generic name with which it is combined."

In glossary.  "ending, gender, n. ... 2) The letters at the end of a Latin
or latinized adjectival species-group name which must agree in gender form
with the gender of the generic name with which the species-group name is

Article 31.2 gives the various rules for nouns, adjectives etc.  "A
species-group name, if it is or ends in a Latin or latinized adjective or
participle in the nominative singular, must agree in gender with the
generic name with which it is at any time combined."
Exceptions and variations then listed and examples given in sub points.
E.g. nouns stay the same gender. The following would be correct unless I am
missing something in the authors original meanings of the words etc.

Hepialus hyperboreus
Hepialus (Gazoryctra) hyperboreus
Gazoryctra hyperborea

The genus gender does not change when moved.  The species/subspecies gender
changes with the movement to a different gender genus (unless exempted).

Ron Gatrelle

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