Term for Eating the Young?

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Dear colleagues,

I apologize for giving an incorrect explanation for the mythological
background of 'cronism'.

All not interested in this stuff may, of course, stop reading here and
trash this message.

In my encyclopedia on the classical antiquity I find that Kronos was the
youngest son of Uranos and Gaia, married to Rhea, who ate all the children
born by Rhea - Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon - [Lexikon der
Antike: Kronos, S. 1. Digitale Bibliothek Band 18: Lexikon der Antike, S.
3094 (vgl. LDA, S. 317)] in order to remain the mightiest god. Rhea gave
him a stone wrapped in baby clothes instead of her last son Zeus. Zeus
defeated Kronos and bannished him into Tartaros. The motive of Kronos
eating his children was painted e.g. by Rubens and Goya.

BTW: 'Kronismus' is explained under 'Kannibalismus' in Lexikon der Biologie
vol. 4. Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau 1985.

                                        Michael Schmitt

At 01:58 07.10.01 -0600, you wrote:
>Anyone out there know the term used to describe animal species
>that eat their young?
>Robin Leech

cronism or kronismus

according to p. 59 in Lincoln, R.J.; Boxshall, G.A. & Clark, P.F. (1982): A
dictionary of ecology, evolution and systematics. Cambridge Univ. Press,

It is after King Kronos (an ancient Greek mythological figure) who -
inadvertedly - ate his sons.

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                                Michael Schmitt

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